What does it take to be a HACKER??

What does it take to be a HACKER??

Today i am going to tell you about basics of hacking or better say basics of hackers and what does it take to be one. I have seen a lot of people asking ‘How to be a Hacker?’, ‘How to begin with Hacking?’ and all other such things. So pals, this post is for you people. If you are a fast learner you’ll catch the things soon what i am going to tell in this post.

Pros and Cons:As in everything else, Hacking also has its pros and cons.Pros:

  • For learning purpose
  • Securing yourself (perhaps your data) from other hackers
  • Some companies hire hackers to check a flaw in their security programs
  • Fame
  • May get a trip to jail
  • Fine as a part of penalty
  • May get a bad name for getting involved in illegal acts
  • Takes time to learn
To Start With:
Hackers are basically classified into 3 type:
  1. Black Hat Hackers
  2. Grey Hat Hackers
  3. White Hat Hackers
White Hat HackersThese are the guys who basically use their knowledge and skills to fight against Malware and protect themselves. Most of them are friendly and can be trusted. Now trusting doesn’t mean you can trust anyone just coz he is a white hatter but it is more likely that he’ll not cause any harm to your computer. These people may end up getting a good paying job, say security consultant for some company or may be a computer programmer. These people are not likely to get into problems unless they get involved in some kind of illegal activities.Grey Hat Hackers

Grey Hat Hackers are in between of Black Hat and White Hat Hackers. Most of them do pranks that they think are harmless but they may be illegal too. These guys may expect a jail trip sometime (ofcorse, if they get caught) for being involved in illegal acts.

Black Hat Hackers

Black Hat Hackers, or better known as Crackers, are the guys who destroy your private data, deface websites are carry out almost all sorts of illegal activities. Becoming a Crackers takes a lot from you, time, practice, dedication and you are at risk always (coz you are doing something that is illegal). These people may be famous but not in a good way, rather for their illegal acts. And you can always expect going to jail if caught.

Begin Hacking

The first and foremost thing required to become a hacker is to know a programming language, any programming language. Mostly people prefer Python, for creating advanced programs. There is nothing like ‘easy language’, it takes time and patience to learn and master things. Besides this you should also have some knowledge about the Operating systems and  learn Computer security which are known as ‘exploits’.

Learn a Programming Language

– Python is a good option to start with as it has a clean design and easy for beginners. It is very useful & powerful when creating an advanced project.
– Java is fine but some people don’t consider it for a good language to start off with.
– Apart from this C and C++ are always a good option for learning. They are very helpful creating a software but takes time debugging and is often not used because of that reason.
– You also have Perl which is commonly used for web pages and system administration while some use it to avoid programming in C.
– Most computer jobs do not require C much often.


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