Enable Ftp In Windows 7

Ftp File Transfer Protocol is a protocol just like Tcp or Ip Which is used to transfer files between remote computers.Mainly used in web servers

Open Computer
Go To Bellow Address
Control PanelPrograms

Click Turn Windows Function On Or Off 

Go To Internet Information Services 

Double Click To Get Ftp Server

Check Ftp Server Click Ok

Using Ftp:

To use ftp go to Command Promt and enter query FTP
 To connect to a server: 

   open domainname/ip    eg:open

To Login use bellow commands:
 User (X:(none)): username Replace username with your username
!           delete      literal     prompt      send
?           debug       ls          put         status
append      dir         mdelete     pwd         trace
ascii       disconnect  mdir        quit        type
bell        get         mget        quote       user
binary      glob        mkdir       recv        verbose
bye         hash        mls         remotehelp
cd          help        mput        rename
close       lcd         open        rmdir

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