Control your computer through SMS

Control your computer through SMS

The most convenient way to control the PC/System, while you are not at home is controlling it by SMS. Not only Home it can be Office also, in a way you can say controlling the computer wirelessly or remotely. This feature can be widely implemented in the country like India where SMS cost are very cheap.

Yes, you can also control your system through blue-tooth of mobile.

Coming to the point, to control a PC through SMS, your system should be connected to internet. The service I am going to tell is Free of cost, it depends only on your service provider SMS charges. If you have FREE SMS packs of 10 digit mobile number then its totally FREE.

Well the thing we will need to have is account, if you dont have one then you can make it on twitter.
Second thing we will need to have ” TweetMyPC ” software which again is a freeware and can be downloaded from here

TweetMyPC basically runs on the PC all the time to monitor the Twitter updates for the account which you created earlier in background. So, this software should run always on PC. After installing TweetMyPC you will need to configure it correctly.
For that here we go :

> Run TweetMyPC by clicking on its icon from Desktop. It will start running in background, you can view it in system tray :

Right Click on the icon and select Edit Setting. Now a new window will appear asking you username and password of Twitter. Fill in the username and password of the Twitter account Correctly.

> Save and close the window.
Now we are done with this stage of setup.

For updating Twitter status/controlling PC through SMS :

> For completing this step, we will head on to a FREE status update service which is available in India. It is here:

> Open the site, and click on ” Sign in with Twitter ” button. Allow the site to access Twitter. And enter you mobile number, through which you are going to update it. This is the one way of registering your mobile, or you can also Setup your mobile by Simply Sending SMS  ‘ TWEET REGISTER  to09220092200.Now you are done. Start controlling your system wirelessly. But before that where are the commands which you will use to control your PC ?List of Commands to Control PC:>To shut down the PC you will need to send SMS as ” TWEET Shutdown ” to 09220092200 , without quotation.
Here are some more commands, but before sending those you will need to add TWEET word before each command.

Further, you can also add your own custom commands in TweetMyPC software.


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