Increase Alexa ranking

Increase Alexa ranking

I heard a problem on facebook from my friends. They ask me how to increase Alexa ranking fast. So i am going to write this post for my friends to help them to increase Alexa ranking with low time. According to my experiments on a test blog which i created only for testing SEO, blackhat tricks and Alexa, Alexa ranking is not depends on how many visitors open your site or blog it depends on how many visitors opens your blog or wbsite with Alexa toolbar.Note- this post is also a part of our experiment on Alexa.I want to tell that Alexa ranking is not accurate ranking, all rankings are very wrong cos it depends on visitors that opens your website or blog with there Alexa toolbar. Suppose anyone create a blog for fashion, so why his

visitors install Alexa toolbar to reading article about fashion. And one person make a website about Blogging tips and trick and web designing then his Alexa will be up from fashion’s site. Because at this time every website owner using Alexa toolbar. But only 0.5% users of the internet is using Alexa Toolbar. here i am going to tell some ways to increase Alexa Ranking. I am telling you ways that take no long time to change Alexa. :)

Way.1 Alexa Toolbar- I know you must read about this step on other sites on the web. This is simple way to increase Alexa ranking fast. The Way is Installing Alexa toolbar. When you opens your blog or website with Alexa Toolbar, Alexa will count a visitor for your site. so this is impotent. Install Alexa toolbar by clicking here.

Download Alexa Toolbar

Way.2 After installing Alexa Toolbar in you computer You need to suggest to install Alexa toolbar to your friends on there computer. you can suggest your friends directly From here To download Alexa toolbar.

Way.3 Install Alexa Traffic Widget on your site or blog. Create a Alexa traffic Widget from here.

Create a Alexa traffic Widget

Way.4 Give Traffic To Alexa- Alexa Rank is also depends on how many visits you give to Alexa. Try to refer your some of your visitors to to your URL)

Way.5 Backlinks- If you want a High Rank on Alexa Then you must Create backlinks for your website or blog.It will be better for your blog if you create one way backlinks. If you want Free backlink for your website or blog from . I am always happy to help. :)

I will add some more useful ways to increase Alexa Ranking fast. Subscribe us to stay connected


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