Access Any Website or Forum Without Registering

In this tutorial I will be telling you how to access website or forums with requires registration before viewing the topics. Just follow the simple steps described below.

1. Download a Firefox add on named  User Agent Switcher Click here to Download

2. Now go to Tools > Default User Agent  > User Agent Switcher > Options. You will find a window shown below.

3. After opening the it, click on New. After clicking on New button you will get another window like this, Shown in the image below.
4. Now in the description feild add :

And in User Agent feild type :

Now click on OK and again OK. User Agent Switcher window will be closed now
5. Now again go to Tools > Default User Agent, and select as your Default User Agent.
6. Now you Done ! Just open your favroite forum and start browsing without registering

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