Save money and surf free net…………

As i live far away from my home like most of the students and get bit of amount for a monthly expenditure and most of the money goes in Party,clothes,bike,snacks, and mostly in Recharge and with all these things we also need Facebook for this we need internet connection.

Before some days i was surfing net and i come through a software PD PROXY which provide free net the only thing you need is a net setter or just need to make account on there website and you can use free net up to 100Mb/day.

1- Register yourself on
2- Now download the software from website it is only 2Mb software.
3- Now use any net setter or mobile phone and connect it to your PC.
4- It will not work with wi-fi connection and you cant make any ad-hock network through this.
5- Speed of the net will depend on the Net setter speed or operator speed.
6- Now extract zip file and install it in your PC.
7- Now launch the pd proxy through launcher.
8- Provide user name and password of your account which you have created on .
9- Now enjoy free upto 100Mb/day.
10- Go on basic setting and select Auto Connect modem.
Hurry up before they stop this facility.
I am using this through M-blaze and i am getting 280Kbps downloading Speed and if you only do surfing than this is best option for u..
why spent to much when PD Proxy is here.

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