Install Android 4.0.4 – Ice Cream Sandwich on your PC !

Install Android 4.0.4 – Ice Cream Sandwich on your PC !

Hello friends, today I’ve installed Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich in my PC.

As we know Android – the leader in mobile/tablet PC smart phone OS is a Linux based OS basically designed for ARM CPU, but it has also been ported for x86 architecture i.e. Intel/AMD CPU. This project is called Android-x86, you can visit or for more information. So, we’ii now install Android x86 4 (Ice cream Sandwich) on our PC. I’m doing it in Virtual Box OS Emulator but you can also install Android directly on your computer.
First, we need to download the ISO CD image of android x86, so click here to go to the android-x86 download page and download the ISO image of your choice, I’ve downloaded the IBM think pad installer, you can download it too, it will work on your PC too…

Now you have the ISO CD image, we can directly boot it by writing it on a CD or we can build a boot able pen-drive using free tools like Linux Live USB Creator or Unetbootin. These ISO are in hybrid format one can simple write its content to a pen-drive using ‘dd’ command in Linux. Open terminal and issue command:
$ dd if=<path of ISO file> of=/dev/sdxx
Whatever, once we boot in we will see the grub menu as follows…

Android-x86 Live & Installation CD 4.0-RC2 GRUB Menu
select ‘Installation – Install Android-x86 to harddisk’ using Arrow Keys and you will be shown this window if your harddisk is not partioned…and you will be asked to do so…
else…you will see this…
where you will be asked to select the harddisk where to install the system…
Let’s assume that your harddisk is not partioned and you will have to do so, then you hit OK in the previous window and you will be seeing this
select [New] using Arrow Keys to create a new partition in the free space.
Now, enter the size of the partition in MB and hit Enter.
Now, mark the drive as [Bootable] by hitting Enter on it, then select [Write] and you will be greeted with this warning…
type ‘yes’ and hit Enter, after writing the filesytem, hit [Quit]
Now, installer will ask you to select your harddisk that you just prepared.
select your harddisk and hit OK, now the installer will ask you to choose filesystem type, select ‘ext3’ and hit OK
Now installer will display a warning, just type Yes to format the harddisk.
You will also be asked to install the GRUB bootloader, select Yes, without it you can’t boot into your Adroid OS.
Since, we are not now interested in debugging the system, so when the system asks for /system directory to be R/W, select No, however you may also select Yes.
And now…your installation has begun, it will take less than a minute…
Congratulation! Your Android has been installed! Now just reboot or start your new;y installed OS.
Now the OS will boot from the harddisk and then it will display the Welcome screen
select language, then a couple of thing like user name, license, updates etc, and you Android is ready!
that’s it, click on finish…and you will see your home screen of your Android!
Now, enjoy and play with your Ice Cream Sandwich, have fun 🙂
ATTENTION VirtualBox users! Until and unless you have a touch screen display, disable the feature “Enable absolute pointing device” in the Settings of your virtual OS under the System tab.
un-mark this check box!
That’s it folks! Have fun…

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