Create your Online Newspaper

Create your Online Newspaper

 Now you can update your own online newspaper to share your favorite news with your friends to make it possible you have to just visit a site or just click here .This site has advantage that it takes all the information about you and of your friends from all the social networking sites such as twitter facebook , orkut etc. and  get updated automatically updated in every 24 hours in your newspaper.

How to create your newspaper

First of all visit here 
1 –>The click on start your paper

2 –> Then you have to just login from your any facebok or twitter account .

3 –> Then enter your email id and verify it.

4 –> Enter the title of Your paper , editor’s note , set the update frequency .

5 –> After it just fill-up your the links of  your facebook and twitter a/c . AS soon as you press the create newspaper link you would be having any desired newspaper in front of you..

Now share your own publish newspaper with your friends and enjoy…!!!!

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