Make your Own Business Card

Make your Own Business Card
We all know that Promotion is very necessary in all the fields as we bloggers use social networking sites for promotion ,MNC’s use to do promotion through television,newspaper,social site and many more but small scale business can not afford that, they do promotion through only Visiting Cards.
As we all know this cards are printed in a very large number and if their is a mistake we can’t do anything. So ever you have think’ed of making Visiting Card of your business by own.

No worries if you don’t know the professional software’s for making it like Photoshop,Coral Draw and etc. Their is a online tool which can surely help you out…

Step 1–> Click on Create Business Cards…
Step 2–> Choose the template which suits you and your business.
Step 3–> Choose any one option from Two.
Step 4–> Now, Select the size of your card.
Step 5–> Tick the fields which you want in your card and fill them and click on Apply Information button.
Step 6–> Blink and your card is ready, if you like you can change the text color,background color and design color also.
Step 7–> Now save you card in PDF format for further printing Or you can order them online also for printing.
Your own card is ready, so get out them printed and promote your business….

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