Cmd Prompt Tips and Tricks

Chat in MS-DOS using IP address

It is easy and simple trick. We can chat using MS-DOS(we have did this as college experiment in network lab with java code). But i am not going to give you the java code. Our usual Batch Programming.

You can try this in your school or college systems(it should be networked systems).

Step 1:
Get the ip address of your friend’s system.
if you are using college or school system,then ip address will be in particular range.

Step 2:
copy the following Batch code in notepad:
@echo off
echo TypeIPAddress
set /p n=IPAddress:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%
Goto A
Save the file with .bat extension(For Eg: message.bat)

Step 3:
Open command prompt and navigate to that batch file location.
open the file in notepad.

If you don’t know how to move to that path,simply drog and drop in cmd.Then hit enter.

Step 4:
Now it will ask you for the IPAddress.
Enter the IP address which you want to send message.
Hit enter
Now it will ask you for the message.
Enter and hit enter

The user with whom you connecting system’s cmd should be opened in order to receive.

Hi friends this is simple trick to find the hidden folders or files

How to find hiddel files or folders using cmd?


Go to start->run
Type as cmd and hit enter
Now command prompt will be opened.
Navigate to any folder using cd command
and type this command “dir/ah”(without quotes)
Now hit enter.
You can see list of directories and files.

You can arrange in tabbed view.
for that type as “dir/ah/p/w” and hit enter


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