Game Development

Game Development

Game Development
This section really shows the innovation and how much possibilities and opportunities batch files can offer. One of the best things you can do with Batch is script games. I don’t mean games that are 3d with graphics and multiplayer features. I mean games made in batch. Now, since batch has no real graphics, you would think there is very little you can make. This is true but the games made in batch can surprise you. Here are some of the best games made in batch.


[Image: gZxbI.png]

This game is amazing! It uses a .txt file that you downloaded/made and makes a awesome Hangman game. So how do you play? Well first you make a batch file with the first source code link provided below. Then you make a text file with the second source code I have provided. Then you run the batch file, and you drag the text file you just made into the batch file. Then you start the game!

-Source Code –

-Source Code (for the dictionary file) –


[Image: qbaUk.png]

In this innovative game, a player can choose his/her skill level and play a good game of minesweeper.

Source Code –


[Image: 7oVxZ.png]

This batch game may seem simple but it is not. It has many options such as choosing your opponent (computer or human). It is pretty fun when you are playing against a human. Try it out!

Source Code –

Deal or No Deal

[Image: Ovj6q.png]

One of the most popular batch files, this game includes a lot of ASCII art and is really interesting. It contains many lines of code and is really fun to play.

Source Code –

Splat-the-Rat (Whack-a-Mole)

[Image: z5UyY.png]

This is the most advanced game ever made in batch. It uses 2 batch windows to play. One window is for the hammer and your reaction time. The second one is for the actual rat sticking its head out of the ground at random points in time. Even though there are 2 windows, there is only one batch file involved. I suggest you play this game, it really is impressive. This game also allows you to enter your initials so you can save your score.

Source Code –


[Image: Rjl0b.png]

You have to admit, this one is pretty epic. A batch monopoly game. It has really good ASCII art as well! This is a must-see!

Source Code –

Other Batch Files

Batch Keylogger

It is possible. And it has been made before. It is not an advanced keylogger and still has some problems but this is the source code can be found here:


Ever wondered if a batch file can have a server side as well? Well, it can and it has been attempted before. There is a chatroom that has been developed that actually works. You can talk to other computer users on your LAN network. For more information visit:

Matrix Batch Effect

This is one of the most popular effects. There are many versions of the Matrix batch effect but here is one of the best:


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