Tab Napping

What is Tab Napping?

Tab Napping is new hacking trick through which you can’t directly hack account and you will be using phishing method with tab napping then you can hack account. Actually Tab Napping is a script which you put into a site/blog and when the user visit your website/blog and read your article or play game or watch video, when user goto other tab in browser which contain other website like youtube,google etc and came back to your website then your website will be redirected to the phishing page and telling them to login with facebook/gmail/yahoo account to continue.When user enter login information he/she will be back to your page and user password will be send to you.

Now,Lets start our Tab Napping Tutorial.

1.) First,You Need a Free Webhosting Site’s account.If you don’t have a Webhosting Account,You can make on Sites like-






If you want any other site,then you can search for it on

2.) You need some Tab Napping Files.These files are special files.To download the Tab Napping Files Click Here

If asks for a password Enter this.

Password : kanishk’stechnicalblog

3.) Now,Extract the Contents of the Tab Napping Files.

Click the Photo to Enlarge.

4.) Now,Go to your Webhosting Account and Create a New Directory there.

Note: Creating a New Directory is important as this directory will later become the Link you’ll give to your Victim.I advise you to use the directory name like Hardest Game Ever.

Now,After Creating the Link,Upload all the Files included in the Tab Napping

Note: For the Folders of fb , images , js create new directories in the the existing new directory you made of Hardest Game Ever.

Note: I’ll be using to conduct this tutorial.

After you Upload all the Files to the Hardest Game Ever Directory,it would Look something like this-

Click the Photo to Enlarge.

5.) Now,First to test if the Files are working correctly or not,you should do this-

a) open a new tab in your browser.

b) Type this- (According to your Web Hosting Site.)

Note: In my case, I have used the directory in which I saved all the files,that means the directory of “Hardest game ever” you can name the directory anything and change the directory name in the above link.

Like in my case its- game ever

6.) Now,The Final Step is Giving the Link to your Victim.After you test and find that the site is working perfectly,Email the Link of your Site to your Victim and tell him that “Hey! I bet you can’t beat that game,No one can beat that game.I challenge you” or something like that.

When he clicks on your Link,He’ll be taken to a site like below-

Click the Photo to Enlarge.

After Sometime,He’ll be redirected to the Facebook Log-In Form asking him to enter his Facebook ID and Password,as new to him,he would think that the game requires Facebook Connect to play it,he’ll enter it.

Click the Photo to Enlarge.

7.) Now,to View the Password,ask him after he played that how many levels he crossed.Just formality.If he gives answer that the game was tough so closed it.

Now Log-In to your Web-Hosting account and Go to the FB directory in which you stored the Password.html File,Double Click View it and You’ll see his ID,Password and IP Address as Well.

Click this Photo to Enlarge.

To See a Live Demo- Click Here

I hope You Find this Info Useful.This Tab Napping is not only for teaching to Hack accounts but is also for being protected against it.Now that you’ve read it,You can stay protected against it.


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